Cyber Priority 2023

Cyber Priority 2023

Are energy, maritime sectors ready for the risks in an era of connectivity?

DNV’s Cyber Priority research explores the changing attitudes and approaches to cyber security in key industrial sectors. In the 2023 edition, it draws on the views of 1,400 energy and maritime professionals, complemented by in-depth interviews with leaders and experts.

The latest edition of the research includes dedicated reports on the state of cyber security in the energy and maritime industries.

Two reports:

  • Energy Cyber Priority 2023: Closing the gap between awareness and action
  • Maritime Cyber Priority 2023: Staying secure in an era of connectivity

As recognition grows of cyber security’s role as an enabler of digital transformation, decarbonization, and the energy transition, it’s particularly important that we explore the state of cyber security in industries such as energy and maritime, which have placed these transformations at the centre of their strategic priorities.

In our visual reports for the energy and maritime sectors we explore questions such as:

  • How are cyber security threats evolving?
  • What are the key challenges?
  • What are these industries prioritizing?
  • What’s driving and holding back progress?
  • What steps can these industries take to tackle emerging cyber risks?