Automotive & Aerospace services

Automotive & Aerospace services overview

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Certification schemes for the automotive and aerospace industry

Good management system practices is crucial in order to ensure safer vehicles.


Electric Vehicles venture services

To support this rapid growth in electric vehicles, DNV is at the leading edge of understanding how EVs will shape our energy future.


Electric vehicles and EV charging integration

Professional independent services help stakeholders navigate the electric vehicle revolution and maximise opportunities.


Battery degradation assessment and warranty evaluation

Independent verification of battery performance over time for your application through state-of-the-art modelling and testing


EV charging protocol testing: OCPP 1.6 certification

Testing and verification services for quality and interoperability of OCPP 1.6 charging station and charging stations management system solutions


Management systems certification

Improve your performance through management systems certification


Management systems training

Be better equipped to implement and certify your management system


Product assurance

Product certification and compliance is vital to prove product quality and is often a ticket to trade


Sustainability strategy

Sustainability leaders put sustainable practices at the heart of their business model


Report assurance

Good communication helps you to manage the expectations of a wide range of stakeholders


Grid Code Compliance measurements

Performing power quality and electrical measurements in compliance with different national and international guidelines.