DNV supports critical decision making in decarbonization across many global industries. These companies not only decrease emissions, but enhance competitiveness, all while future proofing for the long term.

A deep decarbonization approach brings long-term climate commitments, opportunities, and risk into today’s decision making. It provides a benchmark for companies to determine what projects, assets, and developments they should and shouldn’t invest in to realize their ambitions and ensure a Paris-compliant energy transition.

In our management of decarbonization programs, DNV distinguishes itself by a high level of technical and economic expertise. Together with our pragmatic and realistic approach, we know how to guide your company in the energy-transition. DNV’s decarbonization services are distilled into four primary service modules to support sound decisions in any phase and move your company towards net zero.

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Framework: structuring

The Framework module for structuring rapidly evolving initiatives, innovations, policies, challenges and opportunities you are likely to encounter on your decarbonization journey.

Roadmap: guiding

The Roadmap module will establish goals for both short-term and long-term timespans to achieve technical and economic carbon milestones.

Business implementation: dealing

The Business implementation module delivers new business models with technical possibilities within your company to stay agile and long term profitable.

Net Zero Dashboard: performing

The Net zero dashboard module guides expenditure from board room level to the field. Hard data insights not only lend wisdom, but serve the spirit of collaboration and accountability by enhancing progress-sharing in decarbonization with your stakeholders.



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