Innovation for a safe, efficient and digitalized oil and gas industry

Joint industry projects

We believe that greater collaboration and the pan-industry development of new technology and innovation are key to solving common challenges.  Joint industry projects are vital mechanisms linking industry companies together in co-creating technological solutions, and common rules, standards and guidelines.  We take pride, therefore, in being recognized as a clear industry leader in initiating and managing projects. 

Learn more about our latest collaborative projects in oil and gas here.

Long-term research programmes

Our long-term research programmes are intended to help prepare our customers and ourselves for the future by generating new knowledge in key technology areas that have a long-term impact on the industries we serve. The present research portfolio includes programmes to:

  • Ensure we and our customers are at the forefront of risk-based and model-centric services on a system level
  • Explore digital technologies to build new positions and competencies, and developing methods and technologies to master the assurance of complex and intelligent systems.

The Group Technology and Research Review provides a guide to recent position papers, selected research projects, technical competence building activities and our collaboration with universities. 

Preparing for the future 

Digitalization and the energy transition are the two megatrends of our time. Together, they are driving a relentless quest for efficiencies, and that in turn raises creates a growing need to ensure that efficiency gains do not compromise safety. Our research programmes are focussed on helping us and our stakeholders to understand rapid and deep changes in the energy landscape.

The innovation partner to the oil and gas industry

  • Around 5 % of our annual revenue is invested into research and development. We use this to foster collaboration, solve pan–industry challenges and provide foresight and insights into future trends and technologies 
  • We have been involved in developing game-changing technologies across the sector and we share our knowledge through our library of more than 170 industry standards, recommended practices and technologies
  • We execute more than 30 joint industry projects at any time
  • We operate laboratories in 8 locations spread across three continents.

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